Can Apples Slow Down Ageing?

A study has revealed that a natural compound called fisetin, which helps slow the process of ageing, is found in certain types of fruits. One of the fruits that have the natural compound is apple. To understand how it works, you need to first understand the process of ageing.

Ageing simply means the ageing of the cell, which is known as cellular senescence. This is the stage when the cell will no longer be able to divide and releases inflammatory signals that prompt the immune system to clear out that cell. While the removal is easily done in younger people, your body becomes less equipped to do so as you grow older. And the accumulation of these damaged cells will give rise to low inflammation and cause the tissue to break.

In a recent study, when treating ageing mice with fisetin, researchers noticed the levels of senescent cells in the animals was reduced and prolonged their lifespan with better health. Although they observed benefits like extended lifespan and good quality of health, there are still many questions to address. The right amount of dose for achieving these benefits is yet to be discovered.

Having said that, this research is considered an important step for a successful study, as earlier, it had not been possible before. Determining how such compounds would affect different types of tissue and cells in the body of an ageing individual was difficult. There was almost no way of telling that the senolytics actually targeted senescent cells, in particular.

Now we have a solid reason to believe in the saying “An apple a day…”, because apparently, “An apple a day keeps age away!”

- Sumana
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