Callebaut Gold and Lime

Callebaut Gold and Lime

gelatine mass
invert sugar
NH pectin
lime puree
cinnamon stick
callebaut gold
callebaut mycryo
whipped cream
glucose syrup
condensed milk
neutral glaze
gold lustre colour
400 gms
100 gms
331 gms
2.5 gms
84.2 gms
6 gms
9 gms
210 gms
1295 gms
70 gms
24 gms
525 gms
30 gms
540 gms
225 gms
160 gms
90 gms
1 gm


1. For the vanilla insert, take 36 gms of sugar, 50 gms of yolks, heat mix 200 gms of the cream, and then add the vanilla and cook it at 85°c. Add 14 gms of gelatine mass and let it cool. Set it in a frame and freeze.

2. For the lime cream, mix 70 gms of sugar, the invert sugar, NH pectin, and 50 gms of the yolks together. Heat the lime puree and 170 ml of water and butter. Then cook it at 85°c and let it cool down and pour it over the vanilla insert to form a second layer and freeze.

3. For the Callebaut gold mousse, boil 70 gms of the lime puree, cream, and cinnamon. Then add chocolate, cocoa butter, and 48 gms of gelatine mass. Mix it well and add whipped cream at 35°c.

4. Line a ring with sponge base, pipe the callebaut gold mousse till 1/3rd level, and place the vanilla and lime insert. Then, pipe the remaining mousse mix and smoothen the top using a palette knife. Freeze it for six to eight hours.

5. For the glaze, soak 22.5 gms of gelatine, then add 125 gms of water, 225 gms of sugar, and the glucose syrup and bring it to a boil. Place chocolate, condensed milk, and neutral glaze in a bowl and pour the hot mixture over it. Mix it with a blender to remove the air bubbles.

6. Finally, remove the ring using a heat gun, glaze it with callebaut gold mirror glaze, decorate it with chocolate, and its ready to serve!