Café Aura

A new entrant in the global eateries of Hyderabad, Aura, located in Jubilee Hills, is a restaurant-café that offers foods with universal appeal. Started by brothers and ardent foodies Sheshank and Sharukh Kumar, both of whom have studied and lived abroad, it is nothing like what you’ve experienced in the city before. Right from the selection of dishes on the menu, to the ingredients used and the arrangement of the food that is served, everything is perfect.

Executive Chef Praveen Kumar explains that the core belief of Aura is the art of modifying, processing, and arranging or decorating the food to enhance its aesthetic appeal. “One of the most important senses used while eating our food is our eyes. The way the food looks on the plate is what tempts our senses and makes us want to taste it,” he says. Adding to this, he says the key factors for preparing and presenting a dish include cleanliness, the right temperature at the time of delivery, a variety of contrast in both colour and palate, and a range of textures and how the textures are combined. “All these elements are important pressure points which differentiate a great dish from a good dish,” says Praveen.

The chef adds that prior to plating each dish, he thinks of the following elements: the right plate for the dish, including size and colour of the plate; the plating or the placing of ingredients in the best possible way so as to add to the visual appeal; the colour and contrast of the food and the garnish; and finally, the aroma and flavour. The restaurant’s ever-changing menu ensures freshness and variety to its customers, who will find something new to try each time they visits.