Bvlgari LVCEA Mosaique Watches

Whatever Bvlgari does, it does it in style. The high-end brand decided to celebrate the ancient tradition of mosaics by creating two stunning and unique Lvcea timepieces. One look at these beauties and you will see that these are not your ordinary watches. The dials on these watches, which are composed of tiny tiles made of 18k rose gold, are absolutely breathtaking. The watches also boast of a 33 mm, 18 kt rose gold case that’s diamond encrusted and is complemented by an 18 kt rose gold crown. These are further embellished with a pink stone and a diamond. A trendy galuchat strap is also added to the mix. The brand revealed that these watches are inspired by the sundial, which is one of the oldest instruments in the world for timekeeping. These watches are further decorated with a colorful gemstone placed in the crown. A mechanical movement with automatic winding will save you all the extra work. It is also worth noting that each and every one of the 700 mirror-polished gold fragments used to make the watch has been individually placed on the dial plate by skilled artisans, so the $37,200 price tag shouldn’t seem too steep.