The Business of Fashion - Kamini Saraf

She is one half of the team behind Angasutra--one of Hyderabad’s premier multi-brand stores. She has a unique sense of business and fashion, which she has used to her advantage. She wears many hats and attributes her multitasking skills for being able to keep her plate full always.

Tell us something about yourself.
The journey has been good. Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to do something in life, and my family always supported me. My grandfather instilled that sense of discipline in me. I saw my father, uncles, and granddad working, and always wanted to do make something of myself in life. I never wanted a domesticated life. That doesn’t mean I don’t attend to my duties as a homemaker. Life has had its own share of setbacks though, but those are what made me a stronger person, since I learnt from them. I take those in my stride.

Were you always interested in fashion?
I studied accounts, but had an intrinsic sense of fashion. I think the blend of fashion and business acumen makes me the success that I am today. I belong to a family of industrialists and business people from my father’s side, and fashion and creativity from my mom’s side, blending these two is what made me successful.

How did Angasutra happen?
It just happened. My friend and partner Shalini, called me one day and said she had a project in mind and wanted my involvement and it happened organically. I’ve always been part of fashion exhibitions around the country so I had a connect with the designers and customers so it was very easy for me to start and run Angasutra.

What else are you up to apart from Angasutra?
This year I am chairing FICCO FLO in Hyderabad. It has been a learning experience working with women. It is voluntary work that we put in. We learn how to work together as a team, and get valueble teachings from all the speakers who come. The year with FLO has been wonderful, and has made me a much wiser person. Plus I helped put together some events for the Global Economic Summit that just happened, and recently the India Today Conclave, too.

How do you strike a work-life balance between all your commitments?
I am very good at multi-tasking and work very well under stress. If the journey is too easy it doesn’t excite me enough. It has to be a challenge for me to take something up. The multi-tasker in me has always been there, and how I work is by asking myself ‘What is the need of the hour’, and then attending to it.       --  as told to Suneela