Burt’s Bees Makeup Collection

American beauty brand Burt's Bees, known for making personal care products using natural ingredients is launching a new makeup line.

The limited edition makeup collection consists of a twelve shade liquid foundation, ranging from porcelain to chestnut; powder foundation; blush consisting of three natural shades known as Shy Pink,  Bare Peach,  and Toasted Cinnamon; mascara comes in two shades of classic black and black-brown. The capsule collection also includes four mini eyeshadow palettes in dark brown shades for smoky eyes known as Dusty Woods, Shimmering Nudes consisting of pale shades of lavender for fair skin, Blooming Desert consisting of medium tones and Countryside Lavender consisting of baby pink, shimmery lavender and deep purple for colourful smoky eyes. The new collection also comes with an eye liner, brow pencil and glossy lipsticks.

Burt's Bees full makeup line will be available in September.

                                                                                                                                          -Akhila Kakarala