Burger King To Pay For Burger King Wedding

The couple has been known as Burger-King since they were in the fifth grade together, in New Berlin near Springfield. The couple announced their engagement this spring with a photo next to the sign at a local Burger King restaurant.
They were interviewed by reporter Dave Bakke of the State Journal-Register in Springfield, the state capital.  Burger King got wind of the article and was immediately interested in the happy couple, tweeting for help to locate them.
Mr. Burger and Ms. King? Is this real life?" the company tweeted on April 5. "Please help us find this amazing couple. #BurgerKingWedding." When King replied, the handle quipped back: "If it isn't Mrs Burger-King to be. Send us a DM, we have something special for you."
They were invited on Skype on Monday to learn of a surprise: Burger King will pay for their whole wedding.

“When we heard about the happy Burger-King couple, we felt an overwhelming urge to celebrate their upcoming marriage. On so many levels, it felt like fate: they found each other and their story found us,” Dara Schopp, spokesperson for Burger King wrote in an email. “We hope we swept them off their feet. All we ask in return is that they live happily ever after.” The company also is providing gift bags, Mason Jars and Burger King crowns, all personalized for Joel and Ashley's wedding along with picking up the tab.
-Devashree Goenka