Bringing The Outside, Inside

How many times have we all admired plants and flowers or thought that nothing can exceed the beauty of nature? Have you ever regretted the lack of a garden in your home? Cities are growing, populations are exploding, but we all have our sweet little dream of a nice garden to admire every day.

Good news for all of us – growing plants inside the home is now trending. Before, we could look into a few saplings that we could grow in our homes with little space and easy maintenance. People are gifting saplings, too. For birthdays, marriages and other functions, gifting a sapling is now considered a mark of their relationship with the person. And as the plant grows stronger, the relationship stays strong too. People even get creative when they add a personalised touch to it by painting the pots. Now this gift becomes a special one and deserves a special place in the house.

Bonsais are a great option to grow in the house. They require very little attention and are very adorable to look at. Just placing pots beside the sofa in the living room or on the balcony sit-out will be great. Bedroom windows are also a very personalised place to grow a plant. Just waking up every morning to see a beautiful plant would be blissful. Taking this a step further, people are now even placing bonsais on their desks in the office!

It is always best to avoid having plants around the dining room and the kitchen, but if one wishes to have similar décor, wooden flooring and wall paints are always handy. Another precaution that you have to take while growing plants inside the houses is that they have to be maintained well. It might take some time, but if one needs the best output so that the plants blend with the décor, then you have to take care that they are watered well. Ensure plates are placed under the pots so that water doesn’t ruin the whole house.

This is now a major trend, so you absolutely do not have to worry that guests might find it out of place. You could even become the trendsetter among your circles.