Breakfast with a twist

It's always fun to experiment with breakfast especially if you're cooking for the family. But If you are tired of traditional breakfast favourites, then you can always mix things up by throwing in a few non-desi ingredients. We tell you a lip-smacking recipes for the morning.

Ragi Waffles    


  1. Eggs   
  2. Jaggery    
  3. Finger millet flour  
  4. Grated coconut 
  5. Cardamom powder 
  6. Cinnamon powder 
  7. Fresh cream 
  8. Milk  
  9. Butter 
  10. Maple Syrup 
  11. Chocolate sauce  
  12. Almonds   
  13. Pistachios


2 tbsp
1/2 cup
1/2 cup
1 pinch
1 pinch
1/2 cup
1/2 cup
for Greasing
for Garnish
for Garnish
for Garnish
for Garnish


  1. Take eggs in a bowl add Jaggery and whisk them well.
  2. Add finger millet flour, fresh cream, coconut, cardamom, cinnamon and milk.
  3. Mix well to prepare a creamy batter.
  4. Grease the electric waffle maker with butter.
  5. Pour the batter in the moulds on the waffle maker.
  6. Toast it for seven to eight minutes.
  7. Transfer the waffles to a plate.
  8. Garnish with some maple syrup and grated coconut.