Brand New season of Nat Geo’s superhit series ‘India’s Megakitchens’’

Nat Geo is back with the brand new season of one of the top rated show of the Infotainment genre - India’s Megakitchens. Like the first season that premiered in 2015, opening as the highest ever rated new series in the Infotainment genre (15+AB, All India), the new season also showcases some of India’s biggest and most iconic kitchens with a focus on their scale, volume, process and technology.

This season will explore the kitchens of Hola Mohalla, Iskon Yatra, Annapurna and Kalinga Institute. From a Gurudwara that serves nearly 100,000 people during Hola Mohalla to one of the largest travelling kitchen of India serving 10,000 meals every day to a kitchen spread over 18,000 sq. ft. serving satvic food; this season covers it all.

Set to premiere on Independence Day, the new season will not only showcase the preparation of food and delve into the history and cultural aspects within that environment but will also celebrate the hard work, dedication and unending resolve of the people who operate these massive kitchens of India. The show is an effort to celebrate and acknowledge the efforts of the heroes who work behind the scenes and feed massive number of people, to make makes these kitchens some of the most incredible kitchens of India.