Bowers & Wilkins’ Wireless Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins recently dropped their artistic wireless speakers and it is absolutely stunning in all aspects! For those looking for perfection when it comes to sound and aesthetics, look no further! The stunning audio system that these wireless speakers boast of are of astonishing sound quality, high fidelity performance, and a design that can easily impress everyone.

The latest speaker collection comes with five industry defining pieces – Audio, Bar, Bass, the Formation Duo, and the Wedge. Each piece works together with the other pieces or even individually for a more impressive sound experience or into multiple room audio setups.

Priced at $699, these speakers have a 24 bit audio and 96 kHz sample rate streaming, along with speaker synchronisation at one microsecond. The top tier piece of the collection is the Formation Duo that comes with a carbon domed tweeter-on-top design. An additional, special feature is the Apple AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect.     - Courtesy: