Books You Should Read Before They Become Movies This Year

“The longest ride” by Nicholas Spark:
Release date: April 10th
Another romantic tale by Nicholas Spark. 91 year old man Ira lost his wife Ruth nine years ago, college student Sophia and bull rider Luke come from two different worlds but fall deeply in love. These two different stories remind us that the most challenging choices in life can yield extraordinary journey.

“True Story”: Murder,Memoir,Mea cilpa” by Michael Finkel
Release date: April 17th
A New York Times reporter Michael Finkel, gets a phone call one day to learn that Christian Longo, a man wanted by the FBI for murdering his family, was just arrested in Mexico using Finkel's name. The next day Finkel is fired from his job for allegedly falsifying a story, but coincidentally, Finkel is the only reporter Longo will speak with. Over the months leading up to the Longo trial, Finkel and Longo form a deeply intense relationship as Finkel tries to uncover what truly happened on the night of the Longo family murders.

"Far From the Madding Crowd" by Thomas Hardy
Release Date: May 1
Young, beautiful, and headstrong Bathsheba Everdene wins the hearts of sheep farmer Gabriel Oak, wealthy bachelor William Boldwood, and Sergeant Frank Troy. The love quadrangle sparks a series of heartbreak, chaos, and even murder.