The Bonding Manual!

Parenthood is among the most beautiful things in this world, and the connection that parents share with their children is almost magical. A child’s early attachment with his or her parents is manifested through love, care, and nurturing, and children can depend on their parents for unconditional support and guidance.

Despite this natural attachment, it’s important for parents to actively participate in their kids’ lives and find ways to bond with their little ones. The reason for this is that while a baby is inherently attached to its parents and spends all its time with them, as he or she grows older, their interests change. You don’t want your bundle of joy turning into someone you don’t know, as their personality will also inevitably evolve as they grow older. Life can be busy, and you mustn’t let that get in the way. Some days might go by that will leave you questioning if you’ve even had a proper conversation with your child. To avoid that, you can get involved in a few fun and educational activities with your child that will enable you to spend quality time together. So here we’ve rounded up some fun activities you can enjoy together as a family. Read on!

Whip out the books. Reading isn’t just a fun way to bond with your children; it’s also a simple yet effective way to improve their language skills. Research has shown that sitting down for a little story time with your child can stimulate patterns of brain development associated with bonding. This means that reading is more than likely to get the two of you ten times closer than before. It makes perfect sense, as sitting down to read together will lead to shared emotions while you cuddle your little one. Reading together will be a great addition to your daily activities, so make sure you jump into bed with your little one for a quick read before lights out.

Art attack! Engaging a child in arts and crafts from an early age may stir up their creativity and may even be a therapeutic experience. And let’s not forget what a fun and enjoyable activity arts can be. There are no age requirements for art, and your child will easily find a medium he or she is interested in. This provides an outlet for children to express their thoughts and feelings, especially if they have a hard time doing so verbally. Having you by their side through this experience is sure to bring you both closer emotionally. This interaction will bring positivity and openness into your connection, as well as broaden your little one’s imagination and get those creative juices flowing.

Music for the soul. Music is said to be a gift from the gods, and has a way of making one feel all kinds of emotions on a deep level. Dancing to the title tracks of one of your child’s favourite shows, or learning how to play the drums with your child can bring your family closer together. Music offers many benefits for both the parent and child. It will teach your child self-awareness and will have your child practicing mindfulness without them even knowing they’re doing it! It will also help build their motor skill coordination and, most importantly, it will help all the participants let loose! Give it a shot!

Don’t let Jack be a dull boy! Outdoor activities that require physical exertion are also great at strengthening your bond with your kids. Playing is known to be the language of children, so this one is sort of obvious. However, it is extremely important to get them out and about, instead of sitting in front of a screen, numbly watching cartoons. Taking the child to the park and playing with them helps the parent enter the child’s world, and will initiate an open and easygoing relationship. This is important as this will change the child’s perspective on the parent; they may view the parent as an ally instead of as someone breathing down their neck by constantly reprimanding them fortheir actions. Research has shown that playing decreases the attention-seeking behavior in kids. Separation anxiety is also eliminated from the minds of the younglings, since by taking them to play, you help fulfill their emotional needs.    

- Rubaina