The Bold and the Beautiful Deepika Padukone

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We don’t really need to introduce Deepika Padukone, as she is known by most and loved by many - a talented actress, well-known International star, an influential fashion icon— she is also married to another superstar, Ranveer Singh. Deepika dazzles our cover this month, and in the cover story, we give an insight into her brand associations and her Live Love Laugh Foundation and her collaboration with Nilaya by Asian Paints.

Like last year, the wedding trends this year is going micro, too. While some are still over the top, others are just perfect for adding that personal touch to the grand celebration. When it comes to couples who are on a budget, you might think some of these are out of your financial comfort zone, but there are infinite ways to pull inspiration from this year’s trend report and spin it to match your style and wallet. In this month’s Feature Story, we speak to a few big names who share with us the latest trends that will make your wedding a cut above the rest.

Born into patriarchal societies, many women from India have braved the challenges life threw at them and emerged leaders in their own right. Steering their families towards success and fortune, they’ve managed to create an aura of legend around them while still being the caregivers to their family and households. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we share stories of five legendary mothers this country can be proud of in our Special Feature.

Our People in Focus features Ridhi Mehra, a famous luxury womenswear designer, and Renu Choudhary, a Mumbai-based fourth generation diamond and jewellery enthusiast. Both the ladies give insight into their lives as well-known entrepreneurs, about their process, challenges, and love for Indian designs.
As a mother of two beautiful babies, Harpreet Kaur of @Momwearsprada knows a thing or two about getting kids to eat well. In Mind & Body, the lifestyle blogger from Delhi discusses about teaching kids’ good ethics, how to deal with picky eaters and much more. Want to know more about the joys of Bhutan? Read about actor Thakur Anoop Singh’s trip to the Land of Druk and beyond in Grand Getaways.

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