Blue Water Grille

by mediology

Seeking a cornucopia of fine cuisine and exotic drinks with assured freshness and nourishing bites? It’s right here at Blue Water Grille, ready to titillate the taste buds of gourmands. Their diverse menu consists of authentic seafood, grilled treats, Oriental, Mughlai, tandoori and other international delicacies.

The ambiance has been created with minimal décor, but its lighting and colours emanate serenity at its best, making it just the perfect spot if one is looking for a relaxed and quiet time with family and friends. It also features a rooftop lounge and private dining room for a promising dinner experience that will linger.

What makes Blue Water Grille spectacular is the service, providing the freshest from poultry to seafood. This nutritious delight on their menu is a bonus for health-conscious foodies who will take no chances with the freshness of what’s on their plates. It features specials like crumb-wrapped fish and chips, wasabi prawns with wasabi mayo, Peri Peri fish, grilled prawns, and spicy honey fish. If you walk out of the place after indulging in any of their hot favourites, chances are that you’d be more than willing to go back again.

Adding further credibility to the menu are the live kitchen and grill that give patrons a chance to witness master chefs at work, elevating their trust in the quality of food served. The highly trained and experienced chefs at BWG also have unique, secret recipes up their culinary sleeves. These are bound to leave you salivating.

The Blue Water Grille boasts of an intoxicating, well-stocked bar with an extensive selection of the best liquor brands to quench your thirst for a tipple. It also offers exclusive, top-notch banquet facilities along with exquisite cuisines. BWG also takes immense pride in the courteous staff.

If you have been curbing your desire to eat out due to the fear of packing on the pounds, being served unhygienic food or both, it is time to let go and go savour the nutritious, health-friendly food at Blue Water Grille.

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