Blessed Since 1920 Zinda Tilismath - By Dr Mohammed Khalid Farooqui

From one pandemic to another, there are very few things which have remained the same. One such product, which has withstood the test of time is Zinda Tilismath. An Unani (Greek) herbal medicine, which has now become synonymous with Hyderabad and Magical Cure, it is, in its true sense, a magical potion created as a remedy against common ailments that can be used by the princess to the common masses. From headache, toe pain, and sore throat, to abdominal pain, fever and the common cold – it alleviates all. A few drops provide instant relief and without any side effects. One of the rarest herbal remedies that can be both applied and consumed orally, it can be used for babies as well as for the elderly.

So what made Zinda Tilismath withstand the test of time, while so many products have come and gone by? The success of it lies in the intentions of formulating this product. Honesty, purity and a responsible, caring attitude, have made it a success.  Hakeem Mohammed Moizuddin Farooqui was a qualified, trained herbalist. The word Hakeem (which means learned) was a title dedicated to those who practised medicine by using natural products and minerals.

Hakeem Moizuddin Farooqui’s formulation of medicine is based on the credence that disease process is due to imbalances in the body and restoring the imbalances would help in reversing the process and letting the body’s natural defence mechanism (immune system) repair itself. In addition, he had a thorough knowledge of plant-based medicine, which provides relief for pain, cough, etc. while the body continued  through the healing process.

The first decade of the 20th century was the pre-antibiotic era; the first vaccine was still not developed, but due to industrialisation, more people were both living and working together. This increased interaction and also saw an increase in transmittable disease.

Healthcare in India during the early 20th century was mostly delivered by herbalist (Unani/Ayurvedic practitioners), as doctors trained in modern medicine more or less did not exist in this part of the world. Herbalists practised medicine and delivered healthcare based on experience and knowledge of mostly plant and mineral-based products. Most medicines were individually catered and provided relief to a person for a particular condition and had a limited shelf life. 

Hakeem Moizuddin Farooqui was seeing an increasing number of patients in his clinic for common ailments. He saw a need for a product that would provide relief without the need for consulting a herbalist. A product that had all natural/plant-based ingredients, easily sourced, could be stored for long periods, mass-produced and be affordable to all. Keeping this in mind, he formulated Zinda Tilismath.

Zinda Tilismath became an instant success as nothing like it existed in the market. It was easily available at the corner store and delivered what it had promised – a relief from symptoms due to common ailments – soon it became the magic potion that it claimed to be.

During the same period, the world was going through the Spanish Flu pandemic. Hakeem Moizuddin Farooqui would frequently set up free medicine distribution camps of Zinda Tilismath. It would be unfair for us to comment if Zinda Tilismath provided a cure for this condition as no research or trials were done, but today, based on the literature we have on the trials done on the ingredients of Zinda Tilismath, we can say it might have provided some relief.

So what makes Zinda Tilismath so effective? Its a carefully formulated mixture of essential oil of eucalyptus with camphor and thymol- among many components- which are infused in herbs for a long period to provide the right blend of ingredients. With a pure intention to serve mankind.

We now know that the essential oil and its ingredients not only act as pain killers and muscle relaxants but also have potent antiviral and anti-microbial properties. As such, it not only provides relief from symptoms but does offer cure. Additionally, it does not suppress the immune response during illness and indirectly boosts immunity. This plays a vital role in limiting the infection and reducing the re-infection rate.

What does the future hold? Zinda (Live)... Over the last few years, we have seen a reverse trend – people moving back to herbal and natural products. There has been an increased demand for Zinda Tilismath in the urban and well -to-do segment of our population. As we are going through another pandemic, there has been a surge in the use of Zinda Tilismath. The reputation of which has been built on public confidence and trust over the last 100 years. The rising demand is both nationally and internationally. Even though we do not export it directly at the present stage, we have seen our product available in Amazon across the globe and increase in the use of the same.

As this is an honest and pure product that we have delivered over the years, we hope and pray to meet the demands of the society.

Why we call it 100 years of blessings...

As manufacturers of natural products, we believe in the natural order of things. We believe our success over the last 100 years has not only been in the formula of the medicine, but how we have conducted ourselves as a company and manufacturer. We spend more in free distribution of Zinda Tilismath, than expensive advertising. Majority of our staff come under the semi-skilled category of labour and are one of the best paid in the industry. In addition, we support several NGOs and families in our area. We actively work with a number of primary and secondary schools.

Most importantly, we believe we are blessed, and the more we share this blessing, the more we get back in return. We always want to thank our customers who have been loyal to us over the years and for truly blessing us with the opportunity to serve them.