Bleach Salon-New Makeup Line

Alex Brownsell and Sam Campbell, co-founders of London’s most colourful salon Bleach, are launching a new makeup line. The new makeup line is designed keeping in mind the brand’s focus on vegan formulas and eco-friendly packaging.

Hairstylist and beauty blogger Lou Teasdale, took to Instagram to give a preview of the upcoming makeup products. She shared a picture of model Georgia May, wearing a translucent brown eye shadow and a creamy matte, purplish, pink lipstick. She captioned the picture “Georgia's face' before finishing with the not-so-subtle #bleachmakeup”.

According to ‘Teen Vogue’, some of the products in the Bleach collection will include eye shadow palettes and lip kits. The exact date on when the products will be launched has not yet been revealed, but Bleach makeup line is likely be launched in summer 2017 in London, shortly after the products are made available in London, they will be available in US.

--    Akhila Kakarala

Pic courtesy: (main pic)