The Big Fat Lulu’s

The brainchild of veteran restaurateurs Deepak Datwani and Monika Batra, The Big Fat Lulu’s embarked on its pizza-licious voyage with a stout belief. “God ordered the world and all things in it, and I ordered a pizza and all things on it.”

The Big Fat Lulu’s is the perfect evocation of the kind of pizza you might find in a Brooklyn pizzeria: the crust heavenly brown from a wood-fired oven, the crushed tomatoes strewn by a devil-may-care hand, the rich mozzarella profuse and puddled on the surface, and little rivulets of pungent olive oil irrigating the entire pie. Bits of crushed garlic here and there seal the deal. Cooked in enormous, wood-fired ovens, the pies arrive at the table hot as coal in a cloud of scented smoke.

Seeking to pay homage to the Italian-American experience, the menu is inspired by recipes and traditions that immigrants brought from the shores of Italy to the blocks of Brooklyn. The place flexes its culinary muscles and showcases the best of gastronomic marvels a dining spot can offer. Gourmet selections entail a consortium of tasty appetizers, salads, soups, entrees and nibbles complimented with bottled poetry – wine.

The food can only be defined as simple, satisfying, and generously comfortable, elevated by the chef’s nuanced hand. Moderately priced fare with Italian influences from New York and Europe, extensive libations are unmatched and include exotic cocktails crafted with a twist, a selection of beers, and a diverse yet accessible and impeccably selected wine list.