The Big Fat Indian Wedding gets Bigger with Wedding Trailers and Films

The Big Fat Indian Wedding has been here for a while, and not only is it here to stay, but it is getting bigger, fatter and more creative and innovative. A new trend that has caught on like wildfire is the concept of making mini wedding trailers of the couple getting married and their families and close friends. Some couples take it a step further and make full fledged movies of the wedding, with personalized soundtracks, and favorite songs of the couple to add drama to the scenes shot.

The trailers and movies usually have anecdotes from the bride and groom’s close friends and parents and siblings, and an elaborate story on how the couple met and their journey to the altar. This concept has become so ubiquitous that the wedding cinematographers have taken note and expanded their expertise to be able to offer this service to their clients.  Couples usually host parties a few months after the wedding is over and screen the wedding movie, which basically adds one more event to the Big Fat Indian Wedding. The most famous and my personal favorite company to capture the most special moments of one’s life is The Wedding Filmer.



The Big Fat Indian Wedding is getting Bigger and Fatter!

The bride and groom not surpisingly almost always look like movie stars themselves

The right setting and location add volumes to these wedding movies

These trailers are a great way to capture not only ones moments but record the emotions
of the bride and groom and their parents and close friends

- Suneela Kirloskar