Beyond Commercial – Rajat Kapoor

by pavan

He is a natural actor and an unconventional director. Be it his directorial hit, Raghu Romeo, which won a national award for Best Feature Film (Hindi) or his latest commercial blockbuster Kapoor and Sons, Rajat Kapoor has always given quintessential cinema to the audience. During his recent visit to the city, Rajat gave a talk about his journey in films so far and how each individual’s uniqueness defines their style. Read on to know about his future projects and views on commercial films.

You don’t come from a film background, how difficult is it to sustain in Bollywood?
It is always difficult for anyone to make a mark in the film industry without any support, as there is no guarantee for you in this field. Despite that, I wanted to make films and that’s what compelled me to enter Bollywood.

Describe your journey from your first project to the recent movie, Kapoor and Sons?
It is highly impossible for me to describe my entire film journey in a few lines. It’ll take me a couple of hours to answer that (smiles).

Tell us something about your upcoming projects
My next project is a movie called Mantra, which is a fabulous film directed by Nicholas. It is an art house film in which I’ll be playing the role of Kalki’s father. Apart from that I have three of my own scripts lined up for shooting.

What do you enjoy the most— acting or directing?
Directing is my first love and for me it is the most fulfilling job. I act because it is easy, so I don’t mind acting but directing was the sole reason I choose this industry.

What is your take on commercial films?
Commercial films exist and they are not going to go anywhere. Such movies have been there and will continue to be and you and I cannot do anything about it. These movies neither interest nor excite me and I’m never going to direct a commercial movie.

How did your journey as a theatre artist begin?
When I was in Delhi in 1983, I joined a small theatre group and a couple of years later I formed my own group, Chingari, ever since then I’ve been doing a lot of plays and theatre shows.

Your name is associated with intelligent cinema; does that put any pressure on you as an actor or director?
No, there is no pressure at all. I’m here only to do such movies.

Any director who inspires you?
There are many, but to name a few, Federico Fellini, Woody Allen, and Guru Dutt.

Are you open to doing movies in other languages as well?
Yes of course, I’ve worked in a couple of Bengali movies but I’m very much ready to work in other languages as well.
                — as told to Sneha

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