Beyond Beauty

While gemstones are wonderful to look at, they are also believed by some to provide a range of health benefits to those who wear them. In ancient Egypt and other countries around the world including India, China, and Japan, some people believe that gemstones have a unique way of healing one’s mind, body and soul. In modern times, the use of these stones as health boosters might have no doubt declined, but some people still staunchly support the notion that these stones can benefit one’s health. And many of them take the science behind gemstones quite seriously. Gemstones are incorporated into many people’s spiritual practices as a way of restoring energy fields, gaining peace, and promoting love and safety. In India, people like placing the stones close to parts of the body believed to be “chakras”, to promote healing. Here are some popular gemstones that are used by people worldwide for their powerful benefits.


Rose Quartz
This one is for people who’re in love! A popular gemstone for those with a broken heart, the pink-hued rose quartz is said to help heal heartaches. The soothing, gentle energy that is said to calm agitated lovers is closely associated with love and partnership. Wearing it around one’s neck is said to have the most benefit, since the stone then rests close to the heart. It can reportedly heal emotional wounds, promote self-love, and keep one open to positive relationships. This stone also makes for a perfect gift for someone going through a divorce, breakup, family estrangement, or any struggle with loneliness or lack of inner peace.


This one is for the bold, since the stone’s gorgeous, dark red shade is said to energise the wearer. Some also believe it can help ward off evil and help wearers improve their bad karma. Wear a garnet to give your whole body a positive boost. It can revitalise you and improve your emotional well-being by boosting your confidence. Having the stone close to your heart is said to be great for the mind and spirit.


With the wide array of curveballs that life throws at us, who wouldn’t want a touch more strength, courage, and peace? Amethyst is the perfect stone for this. Healing is the number one reason people love this stone. It has soothing and peaceful properties, and can help people suffering from anxiety, mood disorders, or addictions. One’s spiritual health can be greatly boosted by wearing this one.

Pearls are among the simplest yet most beautiful objects to wear, and they can also balance the entire body and create positivity for the wearer. In traditional Asian medicinal systems, pearls have been used for treating ailing digestive systems, fertility issues, and heart problems. And in many parts of the world, people swear by pearl powder for achieving a glowing complexion.


This one is particularly good for women, since the beautiful, white, and clear stone is said to help wearers achieve balance. It helps to alleviate anxiety, depression, and insomnia, and can also promote creativity.


The gorgeous colour of the ocean is reflected in this stunning stone; aquamarine is the one stone that has the most ancient traditional beliefs associated with it. It is said to help with digestive issues and problems relating to the eyes and teeth. Sailors are known to have kept aquamarine with them during their travels, since it is something that helps with direction, protection, and calmness. The mineral is also associated with all things happy. Therefore, it can be worn while one is going through a grieving process, to help with alleviating pain and suffering. It can also help with marital and relationship problems when it comes to unfaithfulness, and can supposedly bring a wayward lover back with its positive healing qualities. Aquamarine is a great stone to wear if one is into meditation, as it can help with becoming one with yourself if worn close to your heart, or under your pillow while sleeping.       – Suneela