The best way to detox your body

Flushing out the waste from our body and keeping our digestive system clean is very much important and this done my detoxing your body with few refreshing detox drinks which are filled with full of flavours and refreshment

Watermelon the only fruit which contains heavy amount of water in it helps in flushing out the unwanted toxins. Watermelon contains an organic compound called citrulline which helps liver and kidneys to filter out the waste and get rid of ammonia which is present in the body. Just like watermelon cucumber also contains the same organic compound citrulline for washing away the dirt.

Lime or Lemon:
Lemon or lime the fruit which is rich in vitamin c helps in regulating the digestive system, and helps in stimulating the bile production. Lime or lemon is the best detox fruit which helps in washing away the lipid(fats) that are consumed by us . Always make sure your diet contains little amount of lime juice every day.

A refreshing Detox drink: A healthy way to start your day

  • 1-2 liters of water as per your consumption
  • A half part of watermelon and one full cucumber sliced
  • A handful of mint leaves  
  • One lime or lemon

Slice up watermelon and cucumber and put them into a big jar, add in the lemon wedges and give it good stir. Now add in the handful of fresh mint leaves along with the water until the rim of the jug. Let this mixtures rest for few hours preferably overnight as the yummy flavours from all will get infused into the water. Drink this every day morning with few ice cubes for the chilling effect. Relish and enjoy your drink every day.