The Best Time to Visit Kochi

A while ago Kochi was known as Cochin. It is currently a wonderful place that plays home to unique culture, glowing backwaters and captivating beaches. This seaside town promises every local and visitor a memorable and relaxed experience while exploring the city. While every visitor plans an itinerary of places to visit and what food to eat and so on, many fail to consider the best season to visit this lovely quaint city. Since the city is located in the middle of pristine greenery, the weather remains humid or moderate all year round. Read on to find out the best time in the year to explore this cobble-stoned city by the seaside.

Between October and February, Kochi experiences very pleasant weather. The city is considered a cultural art hub, and is thronging with tourists during winter. Kochi experiences temperatures that drop as low as 17°C and high as 33°C during this season. It is definitely the best time to explore this wonderful destination and enjoy the many galleries and museums it houses. The weather is also ideal to walk or to use the bicycle to nearby locations. What better way to explore the essence of Kochi if not by foot or by slow transport mode!

Hotter summers
The month of March indicates the start of Kochi summer, where the temperatures fluctuate between 20°C - 37°C. Although the city will be a little too hot and humid, it is also off-season for tourists. This makes it an ideal time to explore the city if you don’t enjoy crowded destinations. Summer season is also the time for great deals at restaurants and on hotel tariffs in Kochi. Since it is devoid of peak season crowds, it becomes easier to reach more of landmarks without much hassle. While wearing light cotton clothes, sunglasses and sunscreen helps you stay cool, you can stay out of the sun by renting self drive cars from the many services available such as Zoomcar. Self drive car rentals in Kochi are the best way to get to most locations by beating the heat.

The rains are here
Between July and September, the skies open up over Kochi. Monsoons are a splendid time to visit this seaside city if you like the rain. The entire city is oozing with fresh natural fragrance as the ground springs to life. The rain-washed streets and architecture look inviting in its entire splendour. Kochi is covered in a carpet of lush greenery during this season. With spellbinding sights, the city has a temperature of 24°C - 28°C during the monsoons.

Frolic about in the winter or go on a solitary exploring journey in the summer, or just revel in the beauty of the monsoons. Irrespective of what season it is in Kochi, you can explore the city in a different manner each time.