Bentley Beyond’s Exotic Fragrances

The newest range of products from Bentley’s bespoke collection of fragrances, Bentley Beyond – The Collection offers exclusive scents for both men and women. The first three perfumes that they released will take you to three different destinations of the world, each of which is associated with one perfume. While the colours of the fragrances are inspired by the high-end Bentley Motors, the fragrances include Exotic Musk, an ambery-musky composition that brings notes from Acapulco, a legendary Mexican resort situated along the Pacific Ocean. Majestic Cashmere, with woody notes, sets you on a journey to Goa, India, bringing in the aromas of incense, coriander, orris absolute, ambrette absolute, orcanox, cashmere woods, tonka bean, musk, patchouli, vetiver bourbon, and labdanum resinoid. Wild Vetiver, an aromatic woody scent, brings to life the lush rainforests and ancient stone temples of Java, which transports you to Indonesia.

The exterior of the bottle has been well-thought out, like the aesthetic design of Bentley cars. The perfumes come in bottles that are inspired by the designs of the legendary cars and showcase the Bentley emblem engraved on silver metal shoulders of the bottles. The price for one 100 ml flacon is $240.      - Courtesy: