Benefits Of Warm Water With Honey And Lemon

Different give different quick health tips for a healthy life. But, the age old health tip stands apart – Consume a glass full of warm water with a little honey and a drop of lemon juice in it. Try it for atleast a month and you won’t complain at its results. Here are some of its benefits:
1.    It brings better digestion, eliminating constipation
2.    Gets instant energy to your body
3.    Watch your skin become all clear and acne free.
4.    It mobilizes weight loss, specially working on belly fat.
5.    Consuming water in the morning, reduces bloating to a great extent.
6.    It helps you to stay active all day long, bringing in increased metabolism in the body.
7.    It also works miracles on your hair colour and texture.
Quick tip: To have all the effects work on your body, once you consume this, ensure that you do not take in anything for the next one hour at the least.