Benefits of Oils

Oils have been highly regarded beauty care items for centuries. There are mentions of these oils in the Ayurveda as well. Not just skin, they have a positive impact on your mind as well, due to their pleasant aroma and general benefits. Essential oils have science-backed metabolic benefits, and it helps in promoting healing as wellbeing. Here, herbal beauty guru Shahnaz Husain throws light on the benefits of various essential oils

Olive oil: Olive oil has been a significant source of nourishment for many years. Also known as jaitun ka tel, it is used to strengthen hair and get rid of dandruff. It contains loads of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, preventing the hair from free radical damage and degeneration.

Olive oil is also a natural sunblock for hair. It protects hair from harmful ultraviolet rays. If you want to get the full benefits of the oil, make sure you use extra virgin oil.

Almond oil: Nothing heals dry skin better than almond oil. It deeply nourishes the skin, provides soothing and revitalizes the skin. If you have used almond oil, you would know that it is heavier than any other oil. It is not just beneficial for the skin but also for hair. Almond oil is the best hair conditioner, it deeply nourishes the hair and keeps it healthy.

Castor oil: If your hair has turned brown due to being exposed to the sun or because of protein deficiency, castor oil can work wonders as a hair-darkening agent. It prevents hair fall by making the hair stronger too.

Coconut oil: Coconut is the most commonly used oil in India. Every household has surely used coconut oil at some point in their lives. It improves the texture of hair and makes it healthy. The best part about coconut oil is you can use it as a base and can mix enhancing ingredients, like amla, shikakai, bhringraj and many others to get benefits from all of them.

To get the holistic benefits of all these oils, it is best to warm the oil a little before application. Be it for hair massage or body massage, warm oil elevates efficiency.