Bellamkonda and his fitness regime!

Bellamkonda Sreenivas recently opened up about his past debacles, upcoming movies, future career plans, and of course new chiseled body! The actor was recently seen flaunting his six pack abs after the success of Rakshasudu.

Giving out details of this, the actor said, “It was not planned. After finally getting success with Rakshasudu, I've taken a break and gone to the US for two months. There, I underwent training for two months. That's how I returned to my six pack body. I also grew beard casually. I haven't grown beard before. So, I had just tried to see myself that how do I look in beard.” The actor said that he shaved his beard after director Santosh Sreenivas wanted him without it for the next film, which will be a romantic comedy. The actor admitted to the fact that doing a romantic comedy would be difficult and he actually understood the drill of it after being on the set. He also said that he has taken it up as a challenge to perform goof humour on screen, along with the romance.

Further talking about the film, he said that he has always liked the director Santosh Sreenivas and has always wanted to work with him. He mentioned that he had heard the stories of Kandireega and Rabhasa when his father had produced movies with Santosh. He also added that Santosh had told him another story, but finally went ahead with this romantic comedy that also offers a great dose of entertainment.
Speaking about the delay in the success of Rakshasudu, the actor admitted that it finally gave him a huge relief and that it changed his perception. It helped him with the choosing of scripts. He also admitted to becoming more choosy post the success of Rakshasudu. Sreenivas went on to confirm that his next movie is under the production of Dil Raju and that the talks are still happening about it. However, the director of this upcoming movie is yet to be finalised. Signing off, the actor said, “I want to do more quality films.”            - IANS