On Beauty: Vanda Serrador

From her love for oils to her interest in skincare, world leading facialist -- Vanda Serrador -- talks all things beauty…

1.    How can I combat the effects of pollution on my skin?
Pollution can really clog pores. It causes a buildup of dirt that can lead to breakouts. To keep skin clean and looking healthy, a good cleansing routine is essential. I’d recommend double cleansing in the evenings. Exfoliate once or twice a week and use a lightweight cream with a high protection factor like Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF 50 PA++++ on top daily.

2.    How does a bad diet impact skin?
Having a poor diet leads to the consumption of toxins. Salt, sugar, caffeine and fizzy drinks can cause dehydration, puffiness and lacklustre skin. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating a diet rich in whole grains, fruit and vegetables will help you look and feel better, and with its anti-dullness properties Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF 50 PA++++ can help boost healthy-looking skin.

3.    How does stress affect my skin and what can I do about it?
When we are stressed it can affect the absorption of water and vital nutrients in the body. This leaves the skin dehydrated, depleted and prone to blemishes. Stressful urban lifestyles can also come with environmental aggressors, so while you take time to relax it’s important to help protect from other factors that can make matters worse with a shielding product like Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF 50 PA++++.