Beauty with a Twist

As much as we’d all like to be natural beauties who can pull off a great look quickly and effortlessly, the real world doesn’t often work that way. Nowadays, looking good all the time can be both tricky and time-consuming. We’ve found a few wacky tricks to help you look just right, quickly and quirkily. Strange as they may sound, we definitely suggest you give them a try.
• A simple household item like a spoon can really come in handy sometimes. Use one to keep mascara from getting on your eyelid, to make the perfect cat’s eye with liner, or to soothe the bags under your eyes. Place the cupped part of the spoon over your eyes while applying mascara, or place the rounded edge on the end of your eyelid to get your cat’s eye liner looking perfect. If your eyes are puffy, use a chilled spoon to reduce the effect, though a steeped bag of green tea will also do the trick.
• You might think that saline solution is a one-trick pony, but it comes in handy when your mascara runs dry. Before you often know it, your tube of mascara is unusable. A few drops of saline solution will fix that right up.
• Eyelash curlers can work wonders; with a 15-second clamp, your eyes look bigger and better. The problem is getting it to stay that way. In the same way that your hair curler is heated in order to prolong the hold, heating your eyelash curler can have the same outcome. Use a hairdryer to heat it up, but be very careful not to burn yourself.

Beauty with a Twist
• Getting your body to look smooth and silky can be tough if you don’t have enough product to scrub it all. But if you’re close to a beach, you’re in luck! Use the sand as a body scrub, but don’t forget to mix it with some water first.
• Visiting the parlour to get your hair highlighted can be tedious, and the chemicals they use are certainly not good for you in the long term. For natural highlights, mix equal parts lemon juice and water, apply to the sections of your hair you want lightened, and expose to sunlight. The acid in the lemon juice reacts with ultraviolet rays to create natural (and cheap!) highlights.

lemon juice
• One of the oldest old wives’ tales is the use toothpaste to get rid of pimples. This one actually works, often overnight. The important things to remember are: Use the simplest toothpaste, apply occasionally and conservatively, and use it on pimples that are just forming.
• If you’re in the market for pink lip stain, there’s an alternative that’s cheap, easily available and completely natural: beetroot. You can even use it very lightly to stain your cheeks.

• Have you ever split a nail just before a big party? There’s often little or no time to redo them, so in such situations, place a tiny bit of superglue very carefully on the chipped section. Cover with nail polish once dry, and you’re good to go!
• Stick your nails in a lemon, and the juice will strengthen them over time. Alternatively, finely chop a clove of garlic into clear nail enamel, but make sure the garlic’s been out for about a week. Regular use will make your nails healthy and strong. Remember to rub lemon over them after each application to keep them from smelling like garlic.

pencil liner to do your eyes
• If you use a pencil liner to do your eyes, you many sometimes find that it doesn’t have sharp lines and looks a bit smudgy around the edges. The quickest and easiest way to make it look solid is by placing the pencil liner in the freezer for 15 minutes before use. If you want the opposite effect, do the opposite. Use a matchstick or lighter to carefully warm the tip so that it softens.
• If you run out of shaving cream, just use conditioner instead. It’ll keep your kin feeling soft, and it’s easy to use.

olive oil
• Out of makeup remover? If you’ve got some olive oil lying about, that will work just fine. Not only is the substance 100% natural, but it leaves the skin softer and more fragrant than before.
• Sunburn can be quite painful. The best way to soothe a bad burn is to soak the area in warm black tea. In fact, stronger tea means a better effect. The tannins in the tea will calm the area, leaving the skin less achy and swollen.                                  ..... Saloni