Beauty Tips for a Gorgeous Diwali!

We Indians take our festivals very seriously, observing everything to the fullest. Be it Holi, New Year’s Eve or Diwali, festivals are special to Indian culture. The last quarter of every calendar – the one we’ve just entered – is invariably packed with festivals. With a long festive season ahead and Diwali around the corner, women and men are looking to fix their beauty woes and seeking quick solutions to look radiant and youthful. As we immerse ourselves in the festivities, we tend to indulge in behaviour that can be unfriendly to the skin and body. We may overeat or eat the wrong kinds of food that may provoke breakouts. Or else we might indulge in too much drinking and give our everyday skincare regimen a miss. Here are some beauty tips to help you look your best through the festivals and beyond.
Get with a programme: If you’re not already particular about a healthy daily skincare regimen, it’s time to turn to one. Adopt a daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising; it’s essential to keeping your skin in good health and preventing breakouts and other skin problems.


Exfoliate!: As you welcome the winter, adopting effective exfoliating procedures will help you get rid of that summer tan and reveal more flawless and radiant skin. Procedures such as peels, microdermabrasion and at-home scrubs are a good way to achieve this. Properly exfoliated skin is also more receptive to moisturisers, which you are going to need aplenty as the weather turns cool.
Look out: Healthy eyes are the most important beauty component. If too much work, sleep deprivation or a recent illness has caused your eyes to sag and develop dark circles, making you appear unhealthy and older; a dermatologist can offer a quick solution. A brief procedure with Juvederm fillers can wonderfully fill up those under-eye sacks.

Add hyaluronic to your skin regimen: As winter sets in, your skin will be thirsty for extra hydration. Invest in a cream that has hyaluronic acid (HA), as it will better equip your skin to absorb moisture from the environment.

Get that glow: If dull and lifeless skin troubles you, what you need is a quick session with Juvederm fillers. They’ll not only fill up the fine lines on the face, but also give you a new glow that will last the entire festive season.


Banish those wrinkles: Getting a Botox shot can erase those wrinkles from your forehead and around your eyes, making you look younger and more relaxed.

Give yourself a hand: Who has the time to go for manicures every month? For a quick and long lasting solution to beautify your hands, try hyaluronic acid-based fillers that plump up wrinkled and water-eroded hands, and give them a beautiful glow.

Sleep it off: Sleep is a crucial component of any beauty regimen. Sleep time is when the skin repairs and rejuvenates itself. Say bye bye to late nights, get rid of your smartphone addiction, and try to get as much sleep as possible.


Go lemony: Add two glasses of lemon water to your daily diet to help detoxify your body and skin, and give it a healthy dose of antioxidants. As you hop on to a season of excesses during which you maybe tempted to overindulge in food, drinks and sweets, your skin needs antioxidants to fight free radical damage.

Drink up: This may seem obvious to some, but is often easy to overlook. Drinking plenty of water is the key to keeping your skin hydrated.


By Dr Madhuri TJ, M.D. (Derm), Cosmetic Dermatologist, Laser Surgeon—Transform Skin & Cosmetic Clinics, Hyderabad