Beauty in the Ordinary - Grimanesa Amorós

There’s no mistaking Grimanesa in a room she is vibrant, full of life and radiates positivity. Peruvian by descent – this New York City based artist has a love affair with India, and it is evident in the meaning of her latest sculptural exhibit at the new Jio World Drive at BKC in Mumbai. To most Indians, the electric wires hanging from every nook and corner on the street are a nuisance, at best. But Grimanesa has taken inspiration from these wires and has made them the star of her latest project in India – ‘Golden Array’, and given them a beautiful meaning – of connection. We chatted with the powerhouse of talent about her work and here’s what she had to say.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and your connection with India?
I’m an interdisciplinary sculpture artist working within the medium of light. My large-scale sculptures have been exhibited internationally from Times Square to Tel Aviv. I begin all site-specific installation projects with a location survey. When Reliance Group and Makers Maxity approached me about the project, I travelled to India to immerse myself within the surrounding community. I was particularly drawn to the tangle of electrical wires in the skyline above the Mumbai streets.

The electric wires of India inspired you. This is really interesting. Can you tell us a bit more about how and why they did?
Wires represent connection. What struck me about the wires in India was their complexity. Even now, as we move into a wireless world, invisible wave trajectories represent the same elemental desire for humans to connect.

As a female artist from Peru, who lives in NYC, and just - completed a project in India, you’re a global citizen, and an inspiration to many up and coming female artists. What advice would you give them?
Be assertive and confident. All dreams are possible. I am often invited as a keynote speaker at Universities, where I frequently lecture students about my work and my life as an artist. I always mention the acronym and my life motto: LPP - Love, Passion, and Perseverance.

What have been some of your favourtie moments of working and spending time in India?
India is a vibrant country. I love the colours, food, fashion, and, most importantly, the kindness of the people. My favorite moments were exploring the streets of Mumbai; visiting as much as I could. A memorable moment was seeing the famous Laundromats.

What is it about being an artist that inspires, challenges and satisfies you the most?
My Romance with the unkown drives my passion and practice. The most inspiring moments as an artist are watching the public interact and connect with your work.

Installing a piece is both challenging and satisfying. I am onsite for each of my installations, overseeing the entire process. It involves coordination, significant logistics from both sides of the team, and, most importantly, fluid communication.

Watching it come to life is fulfilling.

Technology plays a huge part in what you do. How do you keep up with the ever-changing tech trends?
Being the daughter of an engineer has enhanced my curiosity!

Many people associate technology with youth. Living in the present is part of my philosophy.

What advice would you give to your younger self, while starting out your career?
Always trust your instinct and follow your intuition.

I often remind myself that there Isn’t any other way to be or live but by being an an artist.

This life philosophy helped me to endure uncertain moments.          -   as told to Suneela

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