The Beauty of Little Things! - Unnati Pingle

Every house is a reflection of a person’s personality, thoughts and stories, and this pandemic has helped us all to focus more on our surroundings and create many such spaces just by sitting at home. When the ambience looks beautiful and fresh, it makes us stay happy and focused throughout the day. Not just that, pretty surroundings cater to good vibes and fill our mind and soul with positive and peaceful energy. And all of us have one such space in our house where we love to spend some quality time. This week we bring such areas and elements that have been designed with a lot of care and creativity to give the house an added style and essence.        — Srivalli

UnnatiPingle, the Principal Designer and Design Entrepreneur at UnnatiPingle Design Studio &Théorie Studio, has a master degree in Historic Building Conservation from Edinburgh College of Art. With a strong base in contemporary architecture and renovation, she believes in the process of understanding requirements, accommodating the same and creating aesthetically appealing setup with drama and great finishes. “My kind of interiors is a fusion of concepts put together, a fluid space which can accommodate for changes at any point in time. I believe that a space should grow with your experiences,” says the designer. She further adds, “A good space to me is an amalgamation of the finest art, artefacts and a creative brain. Which I trust and have now come to believe strongly is and should be the basis of any design process to be accomplished.” For Unnati, a home should be a well-curated collection of what one (the resident) likes, with no orderliness, with no method to the madness but to create a beautiful space where one is happy.

The designer shares with us a few beautiful corners of her house that clearly reflects what she believes in. Speaking about the inspiration and concept behind these out of the box creations, she explains, “It’s not often that a decrepit piece of furniture can be refurbished to be used seamlessly in today’s architecture and interior spaces. I am fascinated by these pieces, and I am always aspiring to give them a new lease of life.” In simpler words, these pre-owned pieces of furniture and household items have been given a new lease of life; by painting, or upholstering in traditional fabrics, or inlaying tiles. Each piece has been restored by hand and crafted with love by expert artisans to give it a new avatar, far superior to their original form. “Think of it this way: the bone and structure are true to their original self, but they are donning a new dress. A pretty one!!” she states.

Balance is something that the designer keeps an eye on while styling her spaces. “My interests in colour, culture, nature and travel inspire my design sensibilities.” For her, anything close to nature stands a significant role while creating interior spaces. Unnati is someone who has a forte to amalgamate colours and brighten up spaces. “As a designer or a space stylist, I am consciously creating and recreating these magnificent pieces from anything unwanted or abandoned that adorn homes as chic décor to suit contemporary interiors. I prefer the beauty of the chaos over ugly perfection,” she concludes.