The Beauty of Little Things! - Rekha Reddy

Rekha Reddy teaches and spreads the art and awareness of nature through demonstrations and workshops. Despite having a master in food and nutrition, her hobby and passion is Japanese flower arrangement known as Ikebana. Rekha and her family prefer interiors and surroundings that are open and occupied with minimum furniture leaving more space to move. “Getting in a lot of natural light and having airy indoors is something that brings fresh energy into the home. Even though I end up dusting the space more often, but it’s worth it! I like the touches of green and flower arrangements all over the place. It gives a very calm and soothing effect. I feel the ambience in your house changes dramatically with these additions,” she notes. 

She gives us a glimpse of her verandah, which is a set up inspired by nature. The focus was to keep the space open and as green as possible. There’s a sense of continuity of space from the verandah area to the garden outside. “Think of it as an infinity pool except this is with greenery so when you sit in the verandah, it looks like you are literally sitting in the garden area outside. It extends that way because even the railing is just a layer of metal and it has a transparent thickened glass under it which doesn’t affect the vision,” elaborates Rekha.

When asked about the elements used in the area, Rekha adds that the main element is the reddish floor tiles which form a nice bright but natural contrast to the green that can be seen outside. Besides this, tables and chairs have been added to the space with a dark brown railing. “They don’t affect the line of vision or distract your eye in the daytime or at night.” One can also spot a stainless steel wind chime that gives a fresh touch of silver against the ferns on the wall. So what does Rekha like the most about this space? “The space is usable, easy maintenance, and the plants used require minimum care. It’s perfect for a morning cup of coffee or an evening round of relaxing. Friends who come home always prefer sitting in this space rather than being confined indoors even if they have to ward off a few mosquitoes or play hide and seek in the shadows of the Neem tree from the sun,” she replies.