The Beauty of Little Things! - Ramesh Patel

Ramesh and Maya Patel run a store called Stellar that caters to all interior products. This couple from the town loves to keep their surroundings natural, and the testament to this is their gorgeous house that is an amalgamation of almost everything we see in nature. One of the best corners of their house is a balcony garden that they share with us.

Calling the area his favourite Ramesh tells us that it features around eight to nine different species of plants including palm, bamboo, temple tree and a lot more exotic ones. This is a double vertical garden spread till 22ft height from one side of the house which also features a sitting area and washbasin made of natural stone. The entire concept was designed by well-known interior designers Aamir and Hameeda and landscaped by MeghnaDulani after a basic brief of keeping it natural from Ramesh and Maya. The space also has lights to it which makes it look magical at night. Ramesh adds that the black backdrop and green colour from the tress together come out beautifully and is very soothing to look at.

“It’s a very peaceful place to start your day with. The best thing about the space is its location; it’s visible from a lot of parts of our house. Every morning my wife and I sit there with a cup of tea and spend some quality time. The fresh breeze from the trees makes us feel energetic and positive!” notes Ramesh.