The Beauty of Little Things! - Madhu Jain

Madhu Jain, the director of a company that manufactures upvc doors and windows, has been working from home for a long time. To add an element into her daily routine and surroundings, she wanted a new working as well as hangout space at her house that catered fresh air as well as some privacy, so she created a terrace space that she shares with us. Speaking about her preference of space, she says, “My family has always liked simple designs, and so have I. And what better than having straight lines that never go out of style. Our home is mostly straight lines designed on a Spanish theme. Even the terrace tiles have the colour to go with it.”

“Since we have been at home for so long, we thought of this place to have some nice cosy candlelight dinners and barbeque nights with the family. It has become our favourite place with such good weather sometimes. We also work here with our laptops, a cup of coffee and a beautiful view. My kids also prefer to do yoga and exercises here,” she adds.

How did Madhu create this space? “I am someone who loves earthy colours; it gives me a sense of closeness with nature. That’s why I wanted plants and the brown colour garden furniture to go with my concept. The red lantern again is a positive colour that adds a little bit of contrast to the space; I picked them up on one of my trips. Not to forget, the artificial grass feels good when you walk barefoot or lie down gazing at the stars at night. It’s just so beautiful!” Madhu came up with a plan for this space to add a little vibe and difference to their everyday surroundings and have a completely different space at home to not miss going out. “I absolutely love this space,” she states.