Beauty and Beast Serum- To Get Glowing Skin

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Skin Inc collaborated with Disney to create a beauty and the beast version of their famous serum kit called “Disney’s Beauty and Beast Get Glowing Serum”. This skin helps the skin to stay hydrated throughout the day and brightens the skin tone by reducing dark patches.

If you want your skin to glow like Emma Watson’s in Disney’s remake of all time favourite ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Skin Inc has got you covered. Skin Inc is a leading Japanese manufacturer of beauty products, which is known for making some of the best serums for skin and hair. Recently the company has collaborated with Disney to create Beauty and Beast version of their famous Get Glowing Serum Kit, called “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Get Glowing Serum”.  

Through social media the company has released a picture of the serum with a rose budding out of it, which says ““Tale as old as time, true as it can be…””Unveiling our much anticipated collaboration with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. We celebrate this timeless story with the creation of an exquisite Limited Edition Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Get Glowin’ Serum, for all you modern heroines to take control of your skin and let you inner light shine.”

This serum consists of vitamin A to improve skin texture and reduce dark circles, Chlorella to even out dark patches and brighten the skin tone, along with Hyaluronic Acid to keep the skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day. The serum is packaged in a rose gold bottle which is an inspiration of the yellow dress worn by Belle in the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The serum comes with a unique rose engraved charm. Beauty and the Beast Serum kit is anticipated to be available on the Skin Inc’s website from March 15th 2017.

–    Akhila kakarala
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