Beauty in All Shapes and Sizes!

Do you ever look in the mirror and feel that you need to lose weight or somehow grow taller? Issues related to body image are extremely common these days, but there are also some very effective ways to address.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about body image is beauty and attractiveness. However, it’s important to realise that body image is so much more than this – it’s a mental representation of yourself, which can be influenced by complex factors like self-esteem and societal expectations. Body image issues can be quite detrimental to your mental health. They can lead to serious problems like eating disorders, obesity, depression, low self-esteem, and more. Apart from your mental health, the way you see and think about your body can affect your work and relationships. On the other hand, having a positive image of yourself allows you to move more confidently through the world. This positivity is essential for good mental and physical health.

This week, we give you a rundown of a few ways to maintain a healthy and positive body image.

Understand yourself. Make a checklist of your strengths and all the things you like about yourself. One way to promote a positive image of yourself is by making sure you refer to this list become more aware of yourself and your great qualities and capabilities.

Try some meditation. Certain activities like meditation and yoga can help you maintain a healthy balance in your feelings and thoughts. Meditation is a process of teaching your mind to increase positive awareness.

Spread positivity. It’s much easier to feel good about yourself when you spread positivity and are kind to yourself and others as well. First and foremost, in order to feel good about yourself, you must learn to accept your strengthens and weaknesses. Then, with this positive attitude, you’ll learn to respect others and realise that others appreciate and enjoy your company.

Appreciate everything. When pursuing self-love, it’s very important to understand and appreciate all the amazing things that you can do for yourself. Make it a habit to spend a few minutes everyday to thank yourself and embrace your body’s functionalities and abilities.

Be careful with social media. Another effective way to feel better about your body is by shutting out negative body image messaging on social media, and instead focus on the positive. Instead of dwelling on feelings of inadequacy about how you look in relation to others’ posts, ignore them or, better yet, respond to them with a positive attitude.

Treat yourself! A great idea to embrace a more positive attitude towards your body is to make some time for yourself and indulge in peaceful activities. Travel to beautiful places, take long and peaceful naps, visit a spa, indulge in a bubble bath and treat your body with some healthy and delicious food.

Beauty is in the mind. Always remind yourself that true beauty is a state of mind. Once you embark on a journey of self-love, you’ll realise that beauty is not just about how you look or dress, but is actually a state of mind based on how you feel. When you develop a sense of confidence, accept and respect yourself for the way you are, it naturally makes you beautiful.

Focus on fitness. Stop fretting about fitness in terms of size; instead, concentrate on health-related fitness. It’s an excellent idea to have goals related to fitness, but the determination behind these goals will make a lot of difference. Lots of people work out on a regular basis in order to lose weight, but often neglect important aspects like flexibility and cardiovascular health, which are vital for staying both fit and happy.

Wear what’s comfortable. The way you dress also plays a major role in how you see your body. People who wear clothes that they are comfortable in are more likely to feel good about their body. If you are having a hard time finding clothes that suit you and keep you comfortable, don’t give up! Having a comfortable, feel-good wardrobe can make all the difference in the world.

Turn your attention outward. Sometimes, helping others can make you feel good about yourself. Numerous studies have shown that serving the needy can boost our sense of happiness. Not just for the person who is receiving the help but also for the person who is doing the helping. Indulging in some kind of charity or volunteer work has proven to be very beneficial for your overall health and the way you see yourself.   


- Akhila