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Why do men wear necklaces? What does a gold chain symbolize to them?

 In today’s progressive world, more and more men are wearing jewellery. They are no longer bound to wearing watches and rings. While some men have kept the tradition of wearing just a watch or a ring, others have chosen to embrace different kinds of jewellery.

If we look back into our history, there are numerous stories of men flaunting different kinds of jewellery. It was quite evident that men wore more jewellery than women during those days. However things slowly changed and jewellery was attributed more to women rather than men. Many women wear jewellery either to showcase their social status or as a symbol of femininity. These days even men are inclined towards jewellery.

Reasons behind men wearing jewellery-

1. For a masculine appeal- one of the reasons behind why men wear jewellery is to flaunt their masculinity. There is a significant difference between jewellery made for men and women. For women, each of the pieces are more delicate; while for men,  they are bold and sturdy. Some men believe that wearing jewellery is a way of flaunting their masculinity. For example, when a man wears a military necklace, it represents that he likes to be seen as a confident person, having an authoritative appeal.

2. For religious reasons- Some men like to wear certain kinds of jewellery purely for religious reasons. They like to deliver a message that they are deeply rooted to their religious belief and have full faith in god. A crucifix pendant represents that a person comes from a strong religious background and follows moral principles.

3. Brings good health and luck- According to astrology, it is believed that wearing gold chains brings immense luck and good health. One of the reasons men wear gold chains is because they believe it wards off negative energy and brings good fortune.

4. To make a style statement- Another reason behind men wearing jewellery is to make a bold statement. Some men like to flaunt their unique style by wearing a gold or silver neck piece. Not just to make a bold statement,  For some it is also a way of defining their personality and social status.

5. It is a part of their culture- There are certain men in this society who wear jewellery not to showcase their personality or social status,  but to show that they are an integral part of a certain community. If you notice a bunch of men wearing similar chains, then it means that they all belong to the same tribe.

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