Beat the Heat with these Summer Cocktails

As the country goes back into lockdown, beat the blues and the summer heat by sipping on some delicious home made cocktails. One would think summer is all about sunshine, tan lines, tall drinks, and if you're lucky, a vacation or two, but as we stay home to stay safe, keep the spirits high by experimenting at your home bar.

Diageo India's DIY cocktail recipes, by Brand Ambassador Meghana Balaji, help you pick from your favourite tipple, whether its � Gin, Vodka, Scotch or a Baileys! A perfect way to enjoy a sundowner is with a classic cocktail by your side.

1. Gordon's' G&T


  1. 60ml Gordon's London Dry
  2. 150-180ml Fever-Tree Tonic
  3. 2 dashes Bitters
  4. Mosambi Wheel, Sage leaves garnish Ice: Cubed Ice

Glassware: Copa style glassware


  1. As prep, chill your glass, the tonic and the gin far ahead of time.
  2. In your chilled glass, pour in 60ml of Gordon's London Dry Gin.
  3. Top up with ice, until ice peaks through the glass like a mini iceberg.
  4. Start to pour in 180ml of cold tonic water. You will notice the ice start to melt. Top with more ice to keep the carbonation strong, avoid over diluting your drink with mixer and to reduce the melt.
  5. Finish pouring in your tonic water as desired.
  6. Dress with2-3 dashes of bitters, and garnish with a mosambi wheel and sage leaves.

2. Andalusian Summer with Tanqueray London Dry


  1. 45ml Tanqueray London Dry
  2. 20ml Chamomile Honey
  3. 20ml Fresh Orange Juice
  4. 15ml Lime Juice
  5. Soda to Top Up
  6. Orange Wheel

Glassware: Copa De Balon, Wine Glass


  1. Take highball, add 60ml Tanqueray London Dry, and all other ingredients until lime juice.
  2. Top up with ice, until ice peaks through the glass, stir and cool your drink down.
  3. Place your orange wedge against the glass for a clean garnish look.
  4. Add more ice and then top up ever so slightly with crisp soda.
  5. Dress with2-3 dashes of bitters if you like!

3. Ketel Mule


  1. 45 ml Ketel One Vodka
  2. 100 ml Ginger Ale
  3. Lime Wedges
  4. Mint
  5. Julienned Ginger

Glassware: Mule Mug


  1. Lightly muddle a couple of ginger juliennes in your mule mug and juice of half a lime.
  2. Add 45 ml Ketel One, top with ice until ice peaks through the mug.
  3. Top with crisp, fresh, superbly cold ginger ale.
  4. Agitate a sprig of mint on the back of your hand. Garnish with more lime wedges, said mint and ginger juliennes.

4. Citrus Got Real


  1. 45ml Black & White Scotch and Whisky
  2. 60ml Fresh Orange Juice
  3. 10ml Fresh Lime
  4. Lemonade tops up
  5. Garnish Fresh basil

Glassware: An old-fashioned glass


  1. Take an old-fashioned glass, pour in 45ml of Black & White Scotch, 60ml of Orange Juice and 10ml of Lime juice.
  2. Add ice to the top and add lemonade until halfway
  3. Wiggle your bar spoon right to the bottom of the glass, hitting the base, give it a proper stir
  4. Top with more ice and a touch of lemonade
  5. Agitate basil by slapping it against your palm or tear into large chunks.
  6. Garnish with delight! And your Black & White Scotch and Whisky citrus highball just got real!
  7. And finally, a bottle that deserves to have a forever home in your chiller.