Bali… and Beyond!

Bali is a fascinating island that lies within an exotic Indonesian archipelago of more than 17,000 islands. Shrouded in spirituality, it’s famous for its active volcanoes, monkey jungles, and mystical temples. Shoba Rani, who travelled to Bali along with her sister Rani and friends Usha, Nirmala, and Vijaya, takes us through her getaway to Bali and the highlights of Indonesia.

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Island Adventures

One of the most common holidays many of us have experienced is the one we would take during our school break. Such was the case when Manisha Kapoor and her husband, Rajiv, planned a holiday for their daughter, Khushi, to Universal Studios Singapore in Sentosa.

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Pampered in the wild

The idea of taking a relaxing break that nourishes your mind and body right in the middle of the wilderness sounds like pure nirvana.

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