Balayya pressuring Mokshagna?

One of the most surprising decisions ever taken by any Telugu movie industry star kid is that of Mokshagna! He is the son of Balayya and is expected to become a hero like his father and grandfather. But looks like the young man has other plans!

In a bid to not join the film industry and to not become an actor, Mokshagna is seen going out of shape! Recently, a few pictures of him came out on the internet and his bulging belly became the talk of town. He also made it clear that he is not interested in movies, and hence is staying away from the gym too.

However, Balayya and his batch are said to be pressurising him to get in shape and become a hero! Also to pursue him into acting, Balayya is said to have requested a couple of directors, including Boyapati Sreenu to convince his son. Now, we just have to watch if Mokshagna will accept it and become a mass hero or venture into something else!        - IANS