Bag The Look - Rashmi Sachdeva, Harpreeth Suri, Sophie Choudhry, Padmavathi

If you like the idea of investing in style, then a bag is a perfect choice! What you carry speaks volumes about who you are. Whether it’s a classy Burberry, a stylish Roberto Cavalli, a fabulous Michael Kors, or an elegant Louis Vuitton, they made all the difference to how you’re perceived. Take a look at some pretty women who carried their personal favourites with élan.

Rashmi Sachdeva - Louis Vuitton


Harpreeth Suri - Micheal Kors


Sophie Choudhry - Chanel

Dr Padmavathi

Dr Padmavathi - Gucci


Vasundhra Kaushik - Ease Gave and Neeru Bansal - Kate Spade