Back from the future

Zungle Panther, the audio shades that let users make hand-free phone calls and listen to music, was launched as a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Zungle Panther is designed to solve problems of those who want to listen to music while enjoying outdoor activities. These audio shades are not only aesthetically pleasing just like regular fashion sunglasses, but also carry innovative features such as a bone conduction sound system, a hidden USB port, and a single jog dial button.

Using the bone conduction sound system, Zungle Panther can transfer sounds even if the users don’t wear earbuds in their ears. Unlike normal earbuds which transmit vibrations to their eardrums, the bone conduction system transmits vibrations directly to their skull bone so that they can listen to music with their ears completely uncovered.

Zungle Panther comes handy when the users go for a jog or ride a bike. The users can easily use its intuitive jog dial button even without a manual and it only weighs 45 grams, which is lighter than regular sunglasses. It also lets them listen to music with their ears completely open which is a safer way to be aware of the surroundings and prevent possible accidents.