Baby Imprints Studio

For those who like preserving memories, Baby Imprints Studio is just the right place. This is a first of its kind outlet with a unique concept of storing babies’ hands and feet in 2D or 3D models – allowing one to treasure it forever.

The store provides baby hand, feet and face cast work, which is beautifully framed to keep close to the parent and families’ heart, even after the baby has grown up. It’s a novel gift makes with that special feeling that’ll last a lifetime.
Started in 2005, this 750-square feet outlet in Ameerpet caters not just to children and newborns, but also every single person who wants to get their hand, feet or face imprints in a 2D or 3D model. For those who want to personalise a gift that’s memorable and will stay with someone forever, Baby Imprints Studio would be a safe bet.

You could get imprints in the typical traditional form or a custom design depending on what you like, in a material and colour for your choice – with bronze, silver or 18-karat gold being readily available options. The materials used for the imprints are non-toxic and non-allergic, making it totally safe for all age groups. Started and owned by Dr. B. Sarala, a dentist by profession who’s always been very passionate about doing something out of the box that would touch people’s lives,  she’s succeeded in creating a timeless keepsake that you can treasure for a lifetime.       

..... Anahita