The Awadh House: A Regal Dining Experience

To eat, feel, and celebrate like a royal head on over to The Awadh House in Panaji, Goa. Awadh is a region in the modern state of Uttar Pradesh that, during the British rule, was known for its Awadhi cuisine. Consisting of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, the cuisine gave birth to the dum style of cooking.

With an old-world charm of the regal world, the restaurant serves cuisine indigenous to Lucknow, also known asthe City of Nawabs. Prepare to take an unforgettable journey through exquisite Awadhi culinary, reviving every sense in your body, leaving you with delectable memories. What makes this fine dining place special is its skilful cooking that awakens the palette, coupled with gracious hospitality and thoughtful presentation, which ensures an unparalleled experience.

Their crowd-pulling dishes include the tender, melt-in-your-mouth Galawati Kebabs; Nalli Nihari a lamb stew cooked in an explosion of spices; and Dal Awadh – a harmonious blend of lentils slow-cooked overnight on a charcoal fire. For your sweet tooth, they have the famous Rose Halwa, and another favourite, the Paan Barfi!

Founded in August 2019, the restaurant is an ode to art with a symphony of elements from both Art Deco and Indo-Persian, two forms which make a mark in the subtle architecture. The place emanates a royal vibe with an ambience of grandeur and features a lounge area and a bar as well. You can relax and play a quiet game of chess in their lounge, while ‘Shauk’, the bar, embodies the nobility of fine dining. For corporate, business meetings or even family affairs, they offer private dining areas.

The colourful and cheery décor explicitly represents the aesthetic of Goan restaurant, while merging seamlessly with the nawabi feels of Lucknow. The bar is petite yet grand, and everything from the chandeliers to the candle stands adds to the quirky, royal vibe.

If you visit Goa, The Awadh House sounds like the perfect place to have a sensational experience through authentic food, sincere service, and carefully designed ambience!

The Awadh House: House No 9/98, Boca de Vaca, Near Talaulikar Hospital, Panaji, Goa

                             – Devanshi