Avicii’s ‘fingerprints literally across entirety’ of a new song

Late DJ Avicii’s fingerprints are literally across the entirety of his latest song ‘SOS,’ says one of its producers.

SOS, featuring singer Aloe Blacc, is the first track that has been released from the upcoming Avicii album Tim.

It’s been produced by Avicii, whose real name is Tim Bergling, AlbinNedler and KristofferFogelmark.

When Tim passed away in Oman on April 20, 2018, the music was 90% ready.

“Afterwards, finishing them was ... I just get paralysed by talking about it, but everything was about completing Tim’s version,” Fogelmark said in a statement. And so they began.

“He (Tim) had a completely different way of playing piano and keyboard,” said Nedler.

“As a result, his fingers would sometimes strike an unusual key which added to his unique sound. Tim’s fingerprints are literally across the entirety of ‘SOS,’” added Nedler.

In the personal notes recovered after his passing, Tim wrote that he wanted to work with Blacc, the vocalist on the giant hit song ‘Wake me up’, so they invited him to record.

Blacc said, “I feel like ‘SOS’ was a song that was probably ahead of its time for when he wrote it. He wrote these lyrics obviously about some of his battles and I think it’s an important topic to approach and to share, especially with his visibility and his access to ears and hearts.

“To give people the words to say ‘I need help’,” he added. Tim committed suicide last year in Muscat, Oman. He was 28.     - IANS