Aston Martin’s Racing Simulators ‘AMR-C01’

Aston Martin, the iconic British luxury car makers who are known for their elite fleet of luxury cars, teamed up with British tech company Curv Racing Simulators. The partnership has brought to life their first product AMR-C01, which gives you the ultimate luxurious driving experience in the virtual world. This lightweight carbon fibre monocoque which utilizes the latest technologies for a completely immersive experience at your home has been designed by Aston Martin and engineered by Curv. This piece of the stylish simulator will make an excellent addition to any esports arena or even one’s own game rooms. The pandemic has created a surge for esports and people, and this could be the perfect opportunity for people who would like to hone their skills in driving using this stunning racing simulator. The body is made using carbon fibre, and the frontal body is made to invoke Aston Martin’s signature look. The all carbon fibre body maintains a rigid structure and a sporting look while keeping the level of refinement and high standards of quality and elegance that Aston Martin is known for. The highly capable team of Curv Racing Simulators has assembled the model using high-end materials and components and is befitted with the latest AssetoCorsa Software. A limited production of 150 pieces of AMR-C01 is being produced at $74000, excluding taxes.   - Web: