Art by Heart - Mandira Lamba

An art studio often turns into a melting pot for artists from different backgrounds and styles, all working for the same purpose: creative expression. To provide a platform for those talented and emerging artists, Mandira Lamba, along with two other art enthusiasts, launched Blueprint12 in 2013. A fashion and merchandising graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Mandira continues to nurse her passion for art, and was eager to share some details about this initiative. Have a look.

How’s it going with Blueprint12?
We are a young gallery with a strong endeavour to promote art from the South Asian region. It’s really exciting to hunt for new talent and showcase it across the world! Having said that, working across borders can sometimes get challenging, too.

Tell us about the platform you’ve come up for artists – Tribal Art Forms.
While Blueprint12 is our contemporary space and vision, we also felt that there was a gap in the art world in terms of promoting India’s folk  and tribal art. So, in 2017 we partnered with another contemporary gallery to start Tribal Art Forms. It’s a space dedicated to promoting the masters from various tribal regions and their lineage.

How has your interaction with artists evolved from your initial encounters with them?
My parents have been art collectors for the last 40 years, and as a teenager I would often visit various artists’ studios with my father. I have learnt so much from his magnanimity and affable approach towards the artists that I sincerely hope to follow in his footsteps!

What do you dislike about the art world?
The fact that there is a section of unscrupulous people who indulge in the fake market!

What types of art do you most identify with? And what’s some of your favourite artwork?
I find myself drawn to a lot of text-based art and book art. One of my favourite works is by Youdhisthir Maharjan, who works with book pages and cuts out each letter with an exacto knife. It’s called ‘The River Set Free’.

Describe a real-life situation that has inspired you.
After I lost my father in 2017, it completely changed my thought process towards life.

I re-directed my pain and focussed my life towards following my passion. It was like channelling my emotions in a positive way towards art. Since then, I have followed my passion for art and worked to fulfil my dreams.

Did you ever consider joining the Kwality group, your family business?
As much as I’m passionate about food, I’m not inclined to work in the family business, as it has its own set of challenges. However, I’m always available to help! Recently, I have helped curate the art for the revamped Kwality restaurant in CP.

What are your upcoming events or future plans?
We’re very excited for the upcoming India Art Fair, which is one of India’s largest platforms that showcases the South Asian region on such a scale. Later in the year, we have solo shows of two of our very prominent artists in collaboration with another gallery.

What do you do in your spare time?
I love discovering food types and different restaurants. Besides that, art is my lifestyle and I feed off energy from arts! I visit several shows in the city that interest me on a weekly basis.

Any other hobbies or interests?
I have been a sportsperson since childhood. From golf and football to taekwondo, I loved them all! Golf, in particular, is my favourite. I’ve even travelled to many places to attend golf tournaments. I love the game and enjoy playing it even today. My other favourite pastime is reading books, especially on art and fashion. And of course, travelling and discovering new places is always high on my agenda!      - as told to Sumana