Art Attack!

With the increase in the influence of technology, it is very important to encourage kids to engage in activities that do not involve the usage of gadgets or technology to avoid the repercussions of it. Introducing them to the world of art can be a good solution for it, as it can help children think or bring out their creative side. The idea here is to inspire, encourage, engage, and teach art with various skills and techniques. The world of art opens up a whole new universe for them. It has the potential to widen their creative and thinking capacity further, giving them the ability to think out of the box. Children begin to express and demonstrate their creative side only when they are made to explore the various options. Here are a few ways to encourage your child to enter the beautiful world of art.

Walk hand-in-hand
Walk hand-in-hand with your child into the world of art and explore it with them. Teach your child how to be creative by engaging in art activities along with him or her, and they will eventually learn from you and get into the habit of creating art. Art can be sculpting, painting, or just about anything that is born out of sheer creativity.

Encourage self-learning
Introduce your child to self-learning books. This will not only make them good readers but will also help them learn tips and tricks on their own. This will help them explore the art world on their own and further encourage them to create art independently.

Allow them to express themselves
Let your child create whatever he or she wants. Do not curb their creativity or thoughts. Remember, the more they explore, the more they learn. Boost their creativity at every given point, and this will thereby help boost their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Appreciate their work
Always appreciate whatever your child creates. Find out about what they’ve created and what their artwork depicts. Get into the details of it. This will not only make your child feel appreciated but will also encourage them to keep creating pieces of art. Simultaneously, it will also help you understand your child better!
Understand your child

Art is something that comes naturally to everyone; it’s just different in the ways by which one chooses to express it. Understand how your child wishes to! Children are gifted and possess special skills of their own. It is up to the parents to help them tap that skill and excel in it.     --- Zainab