Ariana Grande Not Attending The Grammys?

Ariana Grande always makes headlines – whether thanks to her new boo or a new Twitter feud, the songstress is always in the news. With her long history of drama already intact, last year saw her get together with comedian Pete Davidson amidst their whirlwind engagement which ended as soon as it started, inappropriate touching at a funeral, and the death of her ex, rapper Mac Miller. All these controversies seemed to have had a huge impact on the singer’s mental health, leaving her absent from pre-planned events where she was supposed to perform.

Most recently Grande made news for her misspelled ‘7 Rings’ tattoo. The musician got the name of her latest single ‘7 Rings’ tattooed in Japanese, sharing a picture on her Instagram account to show it off to the world. However, fans were quick to point out that the tattoo did not say ‘7 Rings’, instead it said ‘little charcoal grill’. As usual, the internet found this hilarious, with endless memes popping up overnight. But apparently that’s not all the drama surrounding her newest single. Many have already heard that the song seems to be a rip off, since it sounded very similar to songs produced by artists such as Soulja Boy and Prince Nokia. She has also been accused of stealing some of the lyrics! All of these allegations led to Grammy producers to ask Grande not to include the track in her upcoming Grammys performance. This seemed to have rubbed Ari the wrong way as the star has decided to stay in instead of going to the prestigious awards ceremony. As per, the songstress felt “insulted” by the request and decided to skip the event altogether. This seems to have put the Grammys in a difficult position as the ‘God is a woman’ singer has been plastered across Grammys billboards all over Los Angeles.

\Other big names not attending the Grammys this year are Taylor Swift, who is busy shooting for her upcoming flick – the movie adaptation of the musical Cats – as well as Drake and Kanye West. The rappers have been vocal about their dislike for the Grammys. Whatever the case may be, we know that Ari’s absence won’t go unnoticed.

Picture Courtesy – Ariana Grande Instagram